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Ekiti Assembly adopts report indicting ex-governors for alleged graft
Source: The Nation ekiti.com News Section:  Ekiti Date: 2017/10/20


Posted By: Odunayo Ogunmola, Ado-Ekiti

The Ekiti State House of Assembly has adopted a report from the Office of the Auditor General, which indicted the administrations of former governors Segun Oni and Kayode Fayemi for alleged misappropriation of funds.

The report detailed the Auditor-General’s queries, findings and recommendations on alleged graft and other irregularities during Oni’s and Fayemi’s administrations.

The Assembly is also pushing for a jail term for the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, for arresting and detaining the Commissioner for Finance, Chief Toyin Ojo and Accountant General, Mrs. Yemisi Owolabi.

Oni has declared intent to run for governor next year; Fayemi has not declared interest but is believed to be under pressure to join the race.

At their sitting yesterday, the lawmakers claimed that one of the firms engaged by the Fayemi administration allegedly evaded tax of N130 million. They also claimed that Oni allegedly “misused” $4,000 sent by Ekiti indigenes in the Diaspora for a purpose they did not state.

Deputy Chief Whip, who doubles as chairman of the Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee, Mr. Dayo Akinleye, presented the report indicting Fayemi’s and Oni’s administrations for House adoption.

He said: “Today, we have presented a report of the auditors to the House. It is the first ever in the history of Nigeria and the Southwest. Before now, all auditors’ reports were swept under the carpet, but we are presenting the report to the House to show that we have nothing to hide.

“A lot of issues were raised by accountants-general and we have looked into them and made appropriate recommendations on them.

“In the report we presented, a lot of issues were raised on the alleged misappropriation of public funds by the administrations of ex-governors Kayode Fayemi and Segun Oni.

“While some of the issues are based on alleged misuse of public funds, many were based on improper documentation.

“In the 2015 report, as given by the auditor-general about the Fayemi’s administration, one of the issues raised, which relates to misuse of funds, is the one about the evasion of tax by one firm, which was to the tune of N130 million…”

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