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SON destroys expired goods in Ekiti
Source: The Nation ekiti.com News Section:  Ekiti Date: 2017/11/06


Posted By: Odunayo Ogunmola

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) in Ekiti State raided about 100 shops at the weekend and destroyed fake and expired products, estimated at over N4.5 million.

Operatives of the agency burnt fake and substandard tyres, expired breakfast cereals, packed snacks, detergent, soap, wine and fruit juices.

Others include television sets and cables as well as substandard LPG cylinders.

SON State Coordinator Oyebola Ayeni said the raid was conducted in conjunction with security agencies following a tip-off and sustained surveillance by agency workers.

Ayeni said the destroyed items were seized from distributors and sellers after the products failed quality assurance tests.

The SON coordinator said most of the seized items had fake company names, fake brand names, fake countries of origin and imaginary expiry dates embossed on them.

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