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UniQueClock Biometric and RFID Time & Attendance Access Control Solution

It is a complete Time and Attendance commit to workforce solution based on cutting-edge smart card and biometric technology. UniQueClock is specialized for wire/wireless Time Attendance & Access Control management in user archives, labour tracking, physical access, daily access & attendance recording, outside duty & business, etc. Moreover, it creates comprehensive self customized reports and smooth data exports to system managers to increase workforce productivity and reduce administrative burden and operation costs by avoiding of resources waste in, overstaffing, and inefficient manual work and improve relation with labour using accurate and trust-able method of overtime work data management.

UniQueClock combined with multi-software can be programmed & upgraded as your needs change, thus your investment is friendly protected in the future UniQueClock devices are the basic hardware platform of a cloud- and web-based ID management solution for security and Human Resource Management. The UniQueClock device allows users to access its record from anywhere, at any time and on any ICT platform using any web-browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc On any Device.

Core Modules

User Management

  • Unlimited User Archive Management
  • Smart Card Authorization & Management
  • Easily add, transfer departments
  • Unique ID for each staff

Device Management

  • Multi Level Setting for Region, Sites
  • Devices and Access Rights via TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G
  • Esy for multiple branches in different locations and small-to-large sized organizations
  • Configure common terminal settings in network

Manage Users

  • Search for any users using the search bar
  • View profile of all users based on the roles
  • View/Edit user Username and privileges
  • Set privileges to users as per their roles
  • Allows organisation to set standards for different roles based on their responsibility

Time Management

  • Easily control working shift to improve workforce efficiency and productivity
  • Normal Time Management by lateness, early leave, outside duty, absence, holiday work
  • Programmable Job Codes computes time spent on specific jobs to track working time
  • UniQueClock know how to calculate hours based on shift definition. define type of shift, start, end, pause, how to treat extra time and other important parameters
  • Define type of shift, start, end, pause, how to treat extra time and other important parameters

Time Records

  • UniQueClock is featured by Multiple Custom Reports
  • Can define as many as you like report types for each report
  • Improve relation with labour using accurate and trustable method of work data management
  • Fast speed to generate reports for thousands of workers in less than a minute
  • Time Attendance data can be exported to other complex T&T systems or payroll systems, etc..

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