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UniQue Pension Solutions

For the complete automation of Pension administration in line with Pension Reform Act 2004. we are pleased to introduce UniQue Pensions that automates major aspects of the core businesses of a Pension Fund Administration.

UniQue Pensions, a 100% web solution, is made up of Several Modules that comprehensively address the needs of Nigerian Pension Fund Administrators (PFA). All modules are developed to ensure compliance with PenCom policy and guidelines to the core. The following are the highlights of each of the modules of UniQue Pension:

Core Modules

Data Capture

  • This module enables your users such as agent, marketer and RSA holders to register via the web and get their PIN immediately factoring in all validation and security requirements. The module also initiates the conversion of Biometric to WSQ Format in accordance to PenCom stipulations.

Pin Generation

  • The PIN generation module reduces the otherwise labour-intensive process to one with next to zero human intervention. It includes an XML file generator and Web Service interface options to PenCom National Data Bank. This module manages both registration and update requests while allowing the decentralization of PIN generation processes. It therefore eliminates the need for the present cost intensive procedure of forwarding all registered forms nationwide to the Head Office.

Contribution Account Reconciliation

  • The Contribution Account Reconciliation module is a 3600 degree integrated solution provided by UniQue Pensions. The module reconciles your Bank Statements and Schedules against those received from custodian and those sent by the Employers through your web portal. It manages un-credited contributions resulting from issue such as ‘No schedule’, ’No PIN’ or ‘Multiple remittances’

Customer Relation Management (CRM) Module

  • This module through the web option successfully decentralise the CRM demanding request. UniQue Pensions CRM module allow only authorised staff to access and print documents such as statements of account, certificates of registration and Employer statements. Referral and Approval process is also put in place to manage changes allowed online.

Reversal Processes Management

  • This module manages all contributions related reversal requests. The Reversals are carried out after due approval procedure managed by the system with due regards for account profiling.

Contribution Administration

  • This module computes contributions made by or on behalf of the employee. All contribution types such as Legacy, NSITF, Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) and Normal Contribution are automatically identified based on PenCom classifications. All approved charges for each contribution type are applied automatically.

Benefit and Payment Administration

  • This module calculates the Lump Sum and Monthly payment amounts for a selected population or individual based on the PenCom PW rules. The user has the flexibility of adjusting percentages of the lump sum within PenCom regulated limit. The user has a choice of saving the run information to the database, producing detailed calculation worksheets, or both. The Module effectively manages Refunds, Reversal, Inter Fund Transfer, RSA Intra-PFA Transfer and payment such as: Legacy, NSITF, AVC, Annuity, 25% and Missing Person/Death.

Fund Account Management

  • This module adopts double entry booking in line with international accounting reporting standards. UniQue Pensions is designed to process Funds, Employee and Employer Accounts, Member Contributions and Bank Reconciliation Statements, Fees and reversals according to the accounting standards published by PenCom.

Exit Management

  • The Exit Management module provides platform for the management of all forms of Exit Plan. It performs complex pension calculations ordinarily carried out on Excel sheets using parameter definitions and other rules tailored to your PFA's pension plans as approved by PenCom. Scope of the Exit Management module includes Termination of Employment, Program Withdrawal, Life Insurance, Retirement, Transfer to another PFA etc


  • Unique Solutions Messaging Module constitute a powerful suite of high-end tools that help to effectively streamline Information dissemination, marketing and customer relationship functions. Using just one user-friendly solution you can securely store data, automate key business functions, enhance marketing, improve employee performance, cut costs, and focus on maximizing customer satisfaction. This solution is built to help PFAs to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn helps to improve customer retention

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